Subway Scrawl pdf epub

 Subway Scrawl pdf epub

Subway Scrawl

  • Siffra: 71845766030120
  • Författare:
  • Språk: Sveriges
  • Utvärdering: 4.9/5 (Votes: 1810)
  • Paperback : 170 sidor
  • Tillgänglighet: En lager
  • Ladda ner format: PDF, EPUB, KINDLE, FB2, AUDIBLE, MOBI och andra.


Hundreds of millions travel by underground train every day. The subway is one of the worlds most common means of transport and an environment where many of us spend a great deal of time.
Subway cars are also important canvases for the artists behind one of the most widespread modern art movements today - graffiti.
Subway Scrawl is a collection of 10 classic subway designs in a practical notepad. Bring out your creative side and add your own personality to the cars. Try your hand at making a Stockholm subway wholecar, scribble diary notes or write a to do list on a London Underground car.

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